Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Today, 2 books arrived from Amazon !

Today, 16 August 2017 (Wednesday) - I was at Soon Wing Industrial Building and was early so I look for food and here it is !!! (see photo above).  As a buddhist, we tend not to be too particular about food. Remember I said that - not to say the food is nice or not nice ? No more judging.....if you can do this, you are a very good practicing buddhist.

Then I waited for my Grab Car to free right ? So I took a selfie and here it is, using the app, Camera 360. No matter how you take, somehow you will turn out looking pretty. hehe. try it yourself ok ?

Photo taken today at the guard house, seated at Soon Wing Industrial Building,
 going to Robinson Road

On Books - My two new books arrived today from Amazon. One was on The Diamond Sutra by Red Pine (just wanted to read why this book is so famous) the other was on The Surangama Sutra, a thick book in English.

On going Vegetarian - When you are on a full vegetarian diet, you will need to understand why you are doing it .....for what purpose. That way, when you go vegetarian, you will have a strong faith to carry it on......because there are many temptations around...and especially when you see your  favourite, favourite food in front of you !! That is one test !!

On Chanting - My chant is on Tee Zhang Wan because this is my favourite and this is also where I renewed my buddhist faith especially last year. I chant : "Na mo ta yuan tee chang wan pu sar". It is definitely more than 1,000 times already.......and I lost count whether got reach 10,000 or not.

A male client told me that I had developed very fast in my buddhist practice. I kept quiet and smiled. Actually, in the last two months, I had taken 3 times, 8 precepts. There were days when I was not working right ? So I took the 8 Mahayana Precepts and ate only one meal a day.

I can do it and when afternoon comes and feel hungry,  I would make hot ginger tea and drink it and then I am ok. This can help to slim down and also to create a lot of merits.

You can Google Search and then follow the 8 Mahayana Precepts there. There are steps to take and to  follow.......

My latest chant is on Surangama Heart Mantra as I am into Surangama Sutra. I am still learning it by heart......this one is a bit difficult but ok lah. When you have the faith to do it, you can learn de.

Fengshui Queen SG Tip : In the wealth area, if you do not wish to put a water feature, then you can leave a radio on and turn it on 24 hours to activate wealth. Try it, it works too !!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Learnt this from Venerable Hong is the proper and correct method

Video Clip showing "Hum...Trum...Phat" to clear scattered thoughts in meditation


Video Clip of me doing a Chant on "OM" but pronounced as "AM"


Hi........I posted this video clip in my Facebook on Sunday at 8am as I did not know how to upload the video to my blog then. Today, I tried uploading and hei it got through ! I found the steps to do it....and so here it is now including a new one I recorded this afternoon.

When I uploaded this in my Facebook account, it had 1,300 viewers, 14 shares and 17 comments !!!
One of my client managed to do it at 40 secs !!! wow !!! Great Job !!! How about you ???

So far, I tried again but managed only 20 secs......;)))

On meditation - achieving samadhi

Today, 15 August 2017 (Tuesday) - my appointment is in the afternoon so morning I went to Nex to buy some food then to office. Here are the food that I bought ! hehe

When you are on the path to full vegetarian........any nice food helps !!!

On Meditation - I was sharing with you about purple lights then light yellow lights and then the next thing to happen is - Samadhi. Suddenly, every thing becomes very very still but you are still breathing and sometimes you do not notice it. 

It is at this stage that you can do the Hua Tou by asking "What is Wu ?" and it is very very effective because after some time of being in this stage, something is going to happen.

However, you will need to protect it (Samadhi) by keeping also mindful, walking, left, right, left, right and drinking too. If not then need to restart !!!

Meditation Case Study - Recently, I met a client who was able to sit for more than a day !!! I was surprised as usually if a person can sit for so long then usually their concentration of mind would be very very good right ? very well controlled right ? wasn't the case. 

This sets me thinking..........when we meditate it was to calm down our mind so that we don't have scattered thoughts and so that we can discover our true mind, our Buddha nature which is very very pure. Then when he sits for long and don't come back then how ?  you know the answer right ?

On Fengshui - The Bedroom - Let's talk about the bedroom again. Well....the bed will need to have legs below to allow Qi to flow through the bed. Then when you wake up the next don't have back ache or even feeling tired. It is because of the bed !!! hence buy a good bed if you intend to shift in to your new house.

The legs should be about 6 inches gap between the mattress and the floor, ideal height if not then 4 inches also can.

Thank you to 575 vsitors to my blog, yesterday.

Fengshui Queen Singapore Tip: When you wish that everyone in Singapore has money or has work to do, then your own money can come and work can come too for you !!! Try it !!!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Enjoy !!

Om Mani Padme Hum

Happy or Not, is still another Day !!!

Today, 14 August 2017 (Monday) - is your day ? Good ? I hope so.......if no good also say Good lah !!!

What I did today - Today, I went to Lorong Bakar Batu, an industrial building and as I was early, I went for my makan first and I bought these (see Photo above). Yah....all vegetables and no meat as I am full vegetarian and had made a vow in front of Buddha. In fact, all in, I made 6 vows.

One of the most important 4 great vows you will need to do are these :
1) I vow to deliver innumerable sentient beings.
2) I vow to eliminate endless afflictions.
3) I vow to master innumerable approaches to dharma.
4) I vow to attain the unexcelled enlightenment of a Buddha.

At first, I find learning by heart these 4 sentences very difficult as I am old liao mah....coming to age 60. But what I did was : I learnt line by line....then when I finished all the 4 lines, I find that I can remember all of the 4 lines by heart !!!

Then each time when ever I feel like it, I say my 4 Great Vows again in front of Buddha. I read in Chan Master Sheng Yen's books that one need to keep repeating the vows. 

After Lorong Bakar Batu, I rushed to First Centre office to meet my Corporate Clients for a short meeting on the fengshui done last week, a few minor issues, then later I went home. I slept first then later did one hour of meditation and now writing my blog.

She gave me this on my second house fengshui visit. Thank you !!!

On Feng Shui - Let's talk about The Bedrooms - I spend much of my time on bed, reading a book or watching dharma in Youtube. So how should a bed be placed in a bedroom. I know these days they like to build small bedrooms.....that is fine as long as we place our bed properly and sleep well then every thing will be fine. 

This is more important than whether my bedroom is bigger or your bedroom is bigger right ? It doesn't make sense to compare. Don't know...I get the feeling that people like to compare de.

In a bedroom, there should be a wall directly behind the bed and a wall directly opposite the bed. This is the best placement for any bed. Next, we will need to check the bazi chart of the person sleeping in that room, what direction to sleep and what direction is it when you get up.

One thing that you can do is - to hang a nice painting of your favourable elements directly opposite you when you wake up, very lucky right ? hehe. 

So some people need a painting of mountain, some water and a rising sun !!! then she said so hard to find......I don't know how to help. Maybe suggest try Tao Bao, ok right ?

And thank you to the 580 visitors to my blog, yesterday. Thank you for visiting and reading !!!

Take Care and Have a nice evening !!!

Where is your mind ? .....Enjoy !!

Enjoy !!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Thank you to the 724 visitors to my blog yesterday !!!

Today, 13 August 2017 (Sunday) - It was raining when I was going home......and I took this photo from the Grab Car that I was in. How do you FEEL just by looking at the rain drops on the window ? Do you feel peaceful, blessed and contented ?

On Meditation - Sometimes, it is quite tiring to get yourself to sit and meditate. I do feel that at times...but when I think of my two lady clients who are doing so well in their meditation progress....I would just get up from bed and start sitting meditate.

Everytime, telling myself even 20 mins is good enough. Most of the time, I do sit for an hour. Sometimes, on a good day, I can sit for one hour and 30mins.

When you sit to meditate - Remember to think that today is a new meditation and not to expect any thing, then good things can appear.

The FOCUS here is to - Concentrate on Breathing in and Breathing out. Why ? it is because we need to train our mind. And training the mind takes time and effort and only you can do it !!!

For many of you - You are to sit till you see purple/blue lights wandering around. Once, you reach this level....the next level is very easy and can be quite fast. The aim is to reach enlightenment.

The next level of Meditation is this - A new set of lights come and play with these purple lights and this light is light yellow....very very light yellow. I achieved this after Vesak Day this year. 

Now I am on another platform but shall share with you later on. So please keep meditating.....

Every Sunday, Dad will go to the vegetarian stall in Ang Mo Kio and buy food for me.

Mum asked me to eat these I ate all of them !!! hehe